Disposable Vape Pen

What is A Disposable Vape?

Vaping has been around for 20 years now, and it has come a long way since the Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik, initially developed a device to serve as an alternative to conventional smoking. There are now many different types of Vaping devices available with the Disposable Vape being the simplest of them all.

Unlike other vapes, Disposables are pre-set up and ready to be used the second you take it out of the packet. These are usually small, non-rechargeable devices that are pre-filled with E-Liquid that do not require the general maintenance that other vape kits need.

They are called Disposable vapes because each device is a single use product, this means that when the E-Liquid has run out, the device is then discarded, and it can no longer be used.  It is normal practice to carry a second/ spare Disposable vape to ensure you are not left without a working device.

How Do Disposable Vapes Work?

Disposable vapes are a closed system Pod that comes pre-filled with 2ml of E Liquid, and they cannot be refilled. There are three key parts to Disposable Vapes that are essential to workings of the device: The battery, the pod and the coil. 


The most commonly used battery with vaping devices is the 18650 rechargeable batteries but these are not required with Disposable vapes. Disposable devices are mainly lithium-ion batteries with a battery capacity ranging from 400mAh up to 750mAh. Disposable vapes are manufactured to ensure that there is enough battery power to last the duration of the E Liquid that is within.

TPD compliant Disposables vapes are legally only allowed to have up to 2 ml of E Liquid and the majority of disposable vapes have a 500mAh battery. Devices are designed and calculated to make sure the battery doesn’t run out before the juice and vice versa. Although some disposables have a higher mAh, this does not mean they will contain more liquid.

There isn’t a power button for disposable vapes, but this doesn’t mean you need to worry about the device running out of power. The battery is only activated when the user starts to inhale on the device and due to there being no power button you don’t need to be concerned about accidentally hitting the fire button when the device is in your pocket. The auto activation system will not work if the airflow hole is not clear of obstruction, so if you find it is not working, it could be because either your hand is blocking the hole or there is a silicone cap still inserted.


Coils are also an essential part in vape devices, without them we wouldn’t be able to use them. They are often a high resistance coil which is what gives you a restricted, cigarette like draw. The coil is a heating element which is wrapped with high quality cotton which then absorbs E Liquid in the pod. 

When you inhale on your device, the battery heats the metal coil which allows the E Liquid soaked wicking cotton to heat and in turn evaporates the juice, allowing users to inhale the delicious flavour vape cloud.


The Pod is a term that can describe both the casing of the overall device and the container of the E Liquid. Within the Pod/ casing all the components are carefully fitted and  safely protected inside. It can be dangerous to try and disassemble disposable vapes, just like other electrical items so please do not try and do this.

There are also some Vape Pod kits like the Elf Bar Mate and the ELFA which can be recharged and they have Disposable Pods which are pre-filled with E Liquid. The device is reusable but the pre-filled pods are disposable.

How To Use A Disposable Vape Device

If you are completely new to vaping, you may feel a bit anxious about where to start. You may also be considering quitting smoking and trying to find alternatives but finding everything a bit daunting, well don’t panic, Disposable are the easiest vape devices to help you kick the habit.

Although there are hundreds of different styles, the majority of disposable vapes are all packaged in the same way. Disposables come in a small cardboard packet which will have the main information on there, you will see the brand, the name of the vape model along with the flavour and strength. Like tobacco products, there will also be warning printed on the front which will likely read

‘Warning: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical’. You can find out more about Nicotine in our Beginners Guide to Nicotine Salt.

After opening the main packaging, you’ll find the device is in a plastic or foil sealed bag, tear it open and remove the device. Depending on the device it may have either one or two silicone caps on it. Silicone caps are placed over the top of the mouthpiece as well and sometimes over the bottom airflow. It is important to ensure the airflow hole at the bottom of the device is clear, as we mentioned earlier in ‘How Do Disposable Vapes Work’ the auto activation system will not work when you inhale if it is blocked.

Once you have removed all packaging and silicone caps it is all ready to go, it’s that simple. There are no power buttons so all you need to do is start inhaling. Many people do like to keep the silicone cap for the mouthpiece and put It back in when they are not using it. This just helps to keep your device clean. It’s still a mystery to me where all the pocket sand comes from but if you are keeping your device in your pocket, this may be something you want to do.

Who Are Disposable Vapes Suitable For?

Disposable vapes aren’t targeted to one type of vaper, yes, they are great for beginners due to their simplicity but that doesn’t stop intermediate or experienced vapers from using them.

Due to their compact size and practicality, disposables are a great choice for many reasons. You may be looking at safer alternatives to smoking, but don’t want to invest in a proper Vape Kit. Although a standard vape kit is more expensive than a disposable, in the long run they will work out a lot cheaper. Though you probably want to test out a disposable first to see how you get along with vaping when using it as a substitute for smoking.

Many people like disposables as it is more discreet than larger devices, e.g., they give off less vapour than your traditional vape kits. Some of the first disposable vapes like the ‘cig a like’ used to give off minimal clouds but in the more recent years the vapour production has increased in devices. 

Many experienced vapers like to use disposables when they are out for a social event, if you’re out on the town and you’re all dressed up, you may not want to carry around a bulky device and juice in your pocket. Disposables can easily sit in your pocket without any nuisance, and it will easily be able to last a whole night.

Due to the vast amount of E Liquid flavours available, I’d be very surprised if you don’t find a flavour you like. When purchasing some for the first time, don’t fear trying new flavours, I personally love eating strawberries but when it comes to vaping, I don’t tend to enjoy strawberry E Liquids. At Jumponthevape you will find many different reviews of E Liquids and disposables so if you’re not too sure about a flavour, you can check those out and every product page also has a brief description of the flavours available.

What Are The Benefits of Disposable Vapes?

When deciding whether to buy vaping and disposable vapes, it’s important to find out the benefits of them. Experienced vapers will know many of these points are obvious but it’s still important to discuss for anyone new to vaping or considering making the move from smoking.

The Benefits:

Easy To Use

As we mentioned, there are no set-up requirements for disposable vapes and they can be used immediately after removing the packaging. These make them a great shout for anyone who's in a rush on their way to work or if you're heading out for a night on the town. There's no worrying about charging the device, refilling or coil maintenance. The battery life for disposables is the perfect amount to ensure you can enjoy all the delicious E Liquid that's inside.

Portable & Convenient

Unlike the large chunky vape kits, Disposables have a compact design which allows them to easily slip inside your pocket or bag. These discreet devices make them very convenient as you don't have to worry about your pockets being rammed packed. Sometimes you also want to quickly sneak outside for a couple of puffs and due to disposables being convenient to use, you won't have  to worry about topping up your tank beforehand.

Wide range of Choice

There are many different types of E Liquids and flavours available for vaping and this is also the same case for disposables. More brands are bringing out their own disposables and with that they are bringing new flavours too. SKE Disposables have 39 different flavours to choose from and the most known device ''ELF'' has many different types of disposables, all with their own flavours. Having all these options enables you to create your own enjoyable vaping experience that's best suited for you.

Cost effective

E Liquids are a much cheaper and safer option than smoking and although disposables are more expensive than buying a 10ml bottle of Juice, it is still cheaper than a packet of cigarettes. Disposables are cheaper in the short term compared with buying a full vape kit but when considering the long term they can be quite costly. We would recommend investing in a good quality vape kit, but if you are a social smoker/ vape, disposables are likely your best option.

Disposables can help you give up Cigarettes

Vaping has been known for many years to be a better alternative to smoking. Kicking the habit and becoming smoke free is the first step to leading a healthier lifestyle. Unfortunately it is easier said than done, which is why vaping has been a successful replacement for thousands of people. Vaping does closely mimic the smoking sensation but what makes vaping useful for those wanting to quit nicotine, you can lower your nicotine intake by choosing a lower strength E Liquid. This helps people to slowly wean themselves off nicotine.

What’s the Best Disposable Vape in the UK?

There are many various brands and versions of disposable vape available in the UK and although it may be daunting for first time users, luckily they are all very similar and they all work in the same way. This enables people to experiment and try out different devices and flavours to find what works best for you. In the UK disposable vapes have to be TPD Compliant and this means there can only be a maximum of 2ml E Liquid and with a maximum strength of 20 mg/ml nicotine. There are also lower-strength disposable vapes available which means you can find one that suits your needs. We would recommend buying a couple of devices with different strengths and for you to see what you prefer, more is not always better when it comes to nicotine strengths.

If you are wanting to quit smoking you need to make sure you have something that won't make you want to go back to the dirty habit, this is why E Liquid manufacturers invest heavily in their Research & Development department to make the best tasting flavours around. When it comes to vaping you have the option of trying many different flavour groups to see what tickles your fancy, many people prefer Tobacco E Liquid flavours but Fruit flavours are one of the most loved groups, when trying vaping, we would suggest trying different flavours to see what your favourites are.

You can find out individual reviews of some of the best disposable vapes available by checking out our 'Top 5 Disposables review'

All of these devices have great characteristics and are god in their own way but my top 5 disposable vapes in order is:

  1. SKE Crystal Bar scored 5 stars
  2. Elf Bar scored 4.8 stars
  3. Elux 600 scored 4.8 stars
  4. Elux Legend scored 4.8 stars
  5. Lost Mary scored 4.8 stars

How Long Does a Disposable Vape Last?

Disposable vapes should typically last around 600 puffs but each device may differ slightly, knowing how long it will last you isn't quite as straightforward as it depends on how often you use the device. 600 puffs is the equivalent to 40 cigarettes so if you are used to smoking 20 a day in theory a disposable should last you 2 days. With a cigarette you can stop smoking when it has run out, but when it comes to disposables it is down to self discipline to know when to stop.

Due to disposables tasting much nicer than smoking, it is easy to get carried away, so if 600 puffs is the equivalent to 40 cigarettes, 15 puffs is the equivalent to 1 cigarette. It is not recommended to take a pull on a disposable like you would with a cigarette though, small puffs are all that is needed with them due to the nicotine strength in them.

Why Does My Disposable Vape Taste Burnt?

Disposable vapes are one of the best options with vaping for maximum flavour but why might it taste burnt?

As we have mentioned earlier, disposable vapes all come with a maximum of 2ml of E Liquid, they also have a carefully calculated battery that is designed to last as long as the vape juice inside. Disposables have a large wick inside that absorbs all the e liquid so in theory it is always soaked but it is still possible to get a 'dry hit' from a disposable vape. 

You are likely vaping too quickly, when inhaling, your device's coil will heat up its coil and the e liquid which is absorbed by the wick is then evaporated. If you do not allow enough time for the wick to absorb more liquid, your coil can end up burning the coil. To prevent this from happening, try to take small puffs and allow several seconds in-between each inhale. Nobody enjoys a dry hit and we would not recommend trying to do this as it will end up ruining your device.

How to dispose of disposable vapes?

Disposable vapes are simple devices with only a few components inside, most devices have a plastic exterior, a battery, a small tank where the liquid is stored, a cotton wick and a coil.

We've talked about the benefits of disposable vapes but there is one bad thing about them. Unfortunately they aren’t made with the environment in mind, single use plastics aren't eco friendly. The reason we say this is the components are built-in, meaning they can’t be replaced, and the materials used to build the devices are also quite difficult to recycle.

Can I put my old vape in the bin?

No! Disposable vapes contain a battery inside, although the battery is dead once you have finished with it, this doesn't mean they are safe to throw in a normal waste bin. Batteries that are put into a general bin are a big cause of fires in homes, resulting in millions of pounds worth of damage each year and a significant risk to life.

What does the crossed-out bin icon on my vape mean?

The crossed-out wheelie bin symbol on a vape kit (or any electrical device) means you must not throw the product in the general rubbish bin. We need to dispose of electrical and electronic appliances carefully to save valuable resources and avoid polluting the environment.

Where should I recycle my disposable vape?

Local recycling centres have bins for electrical items and batteries. Depending on how close you are to a recycling centre you may want to store them in a safe place and then once you've built up a collection of dead devices you can drop them off.

If you are short on time or can't manage to get to your local recycling centre, you should be able to use your local supermarket. Many of the large supermarkets have a battery recycling bin where you can dispose of your vapes battery, cotton and plastic can be recycled via a normal recycling bin. 

Some disposable vapes may be simple to carefully take apart which will allow you to recycle each component in the correct way but we would recommend checking the manual for your device as the manufacturer should give directions on how to dispose of the device safely.

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