Vaping at a wedding

With the sun shining bright, the wedding season is full-on. So, you have gotten invited to your best friend’s wedding, and as a vaping lover, you might be getting concerned about the appropriateness of vaping at the wedding.

As a vaper, it is always a good idea to learn some essential etiquette regarding how you should approach the topic of vaping at a wedding. Perhaps, the couple about to get married are vapers as well, and if there are no kids around, there might be desktop vaporizers at all tables. 

You will never know unless you read the wedding rules or ask the couple yourself.

Suppose you have read the list of rules, but you cannot find a ban on vaping devices; still, you will be required to follow some basic guidelines and ethical rules like any good guest.

Let us look at the how, where, and what is associated with vaping at a wedding.

Vaping at Weddings – Is it Right?

Let us cover the basics first: is it even right to vape at weddings?

The precise answer is that it depends. It is quite possible to vape at weddings; however, the circumstances must be favourable.

Nonetheless, while vows will be getting exchanged and the wedding ceremony will be in full swing, you might want to avoid vaping as it would be inappropriate – even disrespectful.

As a matter of fact, if you make the mistake of taking out your device and vaping while the lovers exchange their rings, it can come off as rude and might even ruin their moment. More importantly, you might want to avoid vaping if kids are around, as the parents will be of utmost concern about their kid’s wellbeing.

That said, it is crucial to choose the right place and time to enjoy your vape.

Nonetheless, the safest option is to find out the rules linked with vaping in advance, so you do not offend anyone. For instance, it is good to know whether you are allowed to vape inside or outside as you wouldn’t want any of the guests and the couple themselves to feel uncomfortable because of you.

Which E-Cigs Are Safe to Use at a Wedding?

Now, if you are a huge fan of vaping, if you have been trying to go cold turkey but it didn’t work; so you made the transition from regular tobacco cigs to e-cigs with the intention of going cold turkey, then there is a great chance that you might feel tempted to vape at the wedding.

Whatever the case is if you have to vape, we recommend opting for a smaller vaping device that is compact, portable, and easily fits into your pocket. Also, you might want to opt for a device that hasn’t a strong smell.

You might want to choose a mellow flavour that is not pungent and doesn’t irritate anyone. Using a vape that is an optimal dry herb vaporizer is recommended – a desktop version to avoid conflict at the wedding.

What is a Good E-Liquid Flavour for the Wedding?

Before choosing the e-liquid, you might want to consider the length of the wedding; some weddings go on till late at night, so you should come prepared and choose the e-liquid mindfully.

As mentioned before, you will not want to offend anyone, so we recommend choosing mellow flavours that aren’t pungent.

Besides, make sure that the e-liquid is soft and fresh. Given the atmosphere, you might want to choose a flavour that has a cocktail vibe to it – to match the surroundings, of course. Nonetheless, some other options include the e-flavour of apple strawberry nectarine, the Hawaiian POG, and the butterscotch flavour.

You get the point – the flavour should be subtle, soft, and fresh. Anything fruity, soft, and fresh will work perfectly, such as the blend of lemon and mint. You aren’t using any strong pastry aromas, as this will certainly offend some wedding guests.

The Takeaway

A wedding is a special occasion, so you, as a guest, must ensure that you aren’t ruining the vibe and happiness for anyone. Remember, there is still a social stigma linked with vaping, and there is always a chance that some guests, especially elderly guests, might point it out.

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