Vaping Weed

As laws are continually evolving concerning marijuana and vape, individuals are adapting to changing requirements and market changes. These alternatively influence the demand and supply of products. There is no doubt that marijuana has a perennial presence in markets even today, but unlike conventional methods like smoking it or consuming edibles, individuals are shifting to vaping weed, you can consider Weed Delivery Vancouver. With more than 147 million marijuana users spread across the globe, we must be aware of the nuances of vaping marijuana. We will explore if vaping weed affects the battery life of your vape cartridge.

All about Vaping Marijuana 

To vape marijuana, users inhale heated oil through an e-cigarette, which is a vaporizing device, a good device to use is the Puff Flow 1800 Puffs Disposable Vape Device. One can easily purchase these flavoured premium e-liquids online. You can also opt for pre-filled e-cigarettes if you are new to them. Essentially, they produce vapor from dried leaves of the marijuana plant. 

Weed and Battery Life

There is much-argued debate if vaping is better than smoking as it does not entail inhaling smoke. However, the reality is that there is minimal research on the two. In a recent study, 80% of vapers believe vaping is far healthier than smoking. Although many begin the transition or shift to vaping to give up smoking, little research in this aspect disallows approaching the differences with absolute certainty.

Ways to Vape Marijuana

As mentioned above, many people use vape as an alternative to traditional cigarettes. Cigarettes burn leaves resulting in smoke, and vaporizers or e-cigarettes deploy small metal coils and batteries to heat substances until they evaporate and are inhaled. Commonly known as vapes or vape pens, these vaporizers are of different kinds. Since different vapes are of different kinds, they vaporize differently. The three types of vaporizers are oil, wax, and herb vaporizers. If you want to vape weed, below are the following types of vapes.

Oil Vapes

Oil concentrates from the marijuana plant are added to the oil pen. In the extraction process, the oil is cut along with other various carrier oils. Therefore, vaporized oils are also comparatively less potent in contrast to vaporized herbs. 

A common choice amongst beginners, oil vapes are the easiest to use. They are convenient as single-use options are available, reducing the hassles of refilling if the oil runs out. If comfortable with oil vapes, you could also opt for reusable vaporizers so you can refill and try out various flavours and strains with the same vape cart. This option is cost-efficient as well because a single cart lasts for several weeks.

Wax Vape Pens

Since wax is a semi-solid substance, wax vapes have significantly higher concentrations of the existing active plant compounds. Cut without additional carrier oils; it is far more potent than other existing options. Wax vape pens include three principal components: the battery, the mouthpiece, and the atomizer. 

You can purchase the wax separately; it is then added to the atomizer and heated like oil pens. The catch is that wax, due to its increased potency, is also more expensive. It needs to be reloaded into the atomizer more often, but users believe its potency makes the elaborate process worthwhile.

Herb Pens

Herb vapes entail a chamber for adding dried marijuana leaves. Upon heating, the device delivers the existing active therapeutic compounds present in the leaves, releasing concentrated vapor. 

Caution is necessary, however, as the vape needs to be heated at the right temperature to ensure it does not burn, after which it may release harmful carcinogens. To avoid such hassles, herb vaporizers come with temperature settings for users to gain agency on the intensity of vapor and flavour accordingly. Although it may sound more complex than other vape options, beginners can quickly get the hang of herb vapes if they pay close attention to temperature instructions accordingly.

Does Vaping Weed Affect Battery Life?

No, vaping weed does not affect the battery life of vapes if it is adequately vaped. There are a few battery instructions that one ought to follow to ensure the functionality and longevity of vape batteries. To begin with, opt for the correct battery in case your cart does not come with one. That helps you choose according to your frequency and ease of use. Vapers who vape on the regular will opt for a higher intensity to accommodate their habits. 

Vaping Device

Similarly, another point to note is to opt for a smart charger to save yourself from overcharging your cartridge. Vaping weed will not affect your battery life if you vape it appropriately, following product instructions. 

Additionally, mixing chargers and batteries also causes damage resulting from incompatibility and discrepancies. Maintaining the same charger and battery can aid in regulating this process.

Steps to keep in mind to enhance battery life

One can vape weed without harming the battery life by taking the precautions below:

  • Cleaning your vape regularly - Upon neglect and ignorance of your vape kit, the chemicals may cause damage, also known as vape venting. This damage may be disastrous as the stagnant chemicals worsen upon neglect. 
  • Store your battery correctly - When vapes are stored in direct sunlight, they are harmful and may even burst. The cost of this mistake is high. You can avoid it by simply storing your vape in a closed cupboard to ensure limiting the influence of hot temperatures. 


Vaping weed is usually perceived as far more safe in comparison to smoking it. Although one can consume vape through edibles, many people prefer vaping as an alternative to smoking, transitioning away from it. Vaping weed will not directly affect your battery life if you clean, store and manage your vape correctly. You have to manage and take good care of your vape carts as much as you charge and use them responsibly. 

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