Travel Tips for Vapers

If you are a vaping lover, you will probably want to vape when you can, even on a trip. A relaxing vacation is all about doing everything you love, so you will probably want to carry your stuff for the next one. The concept of cannabis holidays is making it big in the new normal as people want to catch up on the wellness travel trend. You will probably want to experiment with the trend sooner rather than later. However, things are not as simple as they sound because you have to stay on the right side of the law.

Even if cannabis is legal in many parts of the world, you have to be aware of the rules and regulations to follow while packing your supplies and using them when you are there. Apart from carrying your stash properly, you must also be careful about packing your device. Thankfully, things need not be as daunting as they sound. Awareness and caution take you a long way in preparing and packing for a 420-friendly vacation. Here are some tips that can help you pack smartly without worrying about damage or legal issues.

Know The Rules

Before anything else, you must research the rules regarding the legal status of cannabis in your country and your destination. If you plan to travel within Canada or the US, you need not worry much. Cannabis is legal in Canada and many American states, though you will have to follow some rules regarding age limits and quantities you can have in possession. It is crucial to research the destination country if flying abroad. After all, you will not want to land into trouble when you land with your stash in another state or country that does not consider it legal. It makes sense to opt for a legal destination if you have a cannabis vacation in mind.

Find Airline Regulations

Apart from knowing the country-specific rules, you also need to understand the airline regulations. The last thing you will want to encounter is a problem with the authorities at security checks. Vape kits are allowed in carry-on luggage only because they run on batteries. You can go through the airline website to get a fair idea of their policies and stay out of trouble. You will also have to follow the rules on road trips, so be aware and stay on the right side of the law. Road travellers have to ensure that they do not have their supplies in the car. Pack them in your luggage and secure them in the boot. Make sure that the tell-tale aroma isn't around even if an officer stops you on the way.

Pick The Right Device

Once you are sure that you can travel with your vaping gear, it is time to start packing your stuff. Check your device and ensure it is handy and portable. You cannot expect to carry a large and fragile piece that is hard to fit inside your carry-on bag. Likewise, there is always a risk of damage to fragile pieces with too many small parts. If you want to buy a new device, visit this link to explore portable and travel-friendly options. Vape pens and dab pens are ideal because they fit easily in your luggage, and you can use them discreetly when you are at your destination. Consider it a small investment to make your holiday more enjoyable.

Pack Securely To Prevent Damage

Small and portable devices are easy to carry, but buying them is only a start. Besides packing your device discreetly, you must also make sure that it is secure from damage throughout the journey. Wrap it in a piece of soft cloth or bubble wrap to prevent bumps. Place in a plastic bag and seal with tape. You have to be extra careful with glass pieces and accessories because they are delicate and prone to breakage. Placing snugly between clothes inside your luggage is a good idea. A dab pen is the best choice because there are hardly any chances of damaging it. Just wrap it in a plastic sheet, place it inside your bag, and you are good to go. Talking to a seasoned traveller for some helpful packing advice is a good idea.

Apart from packing your vape device properly, you must also take care while packing your cannabis supplies. Follow the storage norms, depending on the choice of product such as the flower, oil, or concentrate. It will keep your stash fresh and maintain its integrity throughout the trip. Moreover, you will not have to worry about the aroma giving away your little secret. Follow the rules and stay safe everywhere; at the airport, on the flight, and at your destination. Once you get through, rest assured that you will have a great time at a 420-friendly destination and accommodation.


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