Donald Trump Backtracks on eLiquid Flavour Ban

During a telephone call on speakerphone in the Oval office, Donald Trump expressed regret with getting involved in the proposed flavour ban in the United States. 

This comes after advice from his closest government aids advising him to drop the flavour wide ban of e-liquid flavours in America. Trump got cold feet on support for the flavour ban after he was informed that it would effect core voters that support trump for a second term in the White House. As the heading of this blog suggests, Trump went into this blind, and has again acted rashly before taking a breath to consider to consequences of his decisions. 
Trump laid into Health and Human Services Secrutary Alex Azar over decisions made on the flavoured e-liquid ban. Unfortunately Donald Trump hasn't changed his mind entirely on the issue, but he regrets wading in on the issue, and putting his name behind changes prooposed on by Alex Azar's administration current vaping policy. He stated that he should of taken a back seat on the issue, and left it to the Food and Drug administration to deal with the matter effectively for the good of the American youth, which has seen a sharp rise in taking up vaping within the United States of America. 
Some consider this to be good news in the fight against protecting adult consumer rights to choice in which vape they decide to use. Reseach shows that over 80% of American Adults choose flavoured e-liquid to meet their vaping requirements. Tobacco and Menthol while still being the most popular flavours in America, only make up a small share of the pie. 
Unfortunately, although this is good news in the fight against the proposed ban, business' have already been effected across the globe due to the negative information coming out of the USA, and many business' have gone under as a result. It has been reported that the vape market globally is down 25% in sales, and in some regions as much as 40% due to the rhetoric being published in American articles. 
Here at we welcome the positive news coming from the USA, and we continue to provide safe e-liquid for our customers, sourced from trusted suppliers who have undertaken all the necessary testing, regulatory obligations, and toxicology data to ensure safe consumption. 
Lastly, it has also been reported that the scare was caused by illegal THC cartridges containing harmful substances as the cause of the related deaths in America. Therefore to date, there have been no vaping related deaths reported in America due to vaping legal e-liquid. 

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