Donald Trump Backtracks on eLiquid Flavour Ban

In a recent telephone call on speakerphone in the Oval Office, former President Donald Trump expressed regret regarding his involvement in the proposed flavour ban on e-liquids in the United States. The decision to reconsider the ban comes after advice from close government aides, who warned about the potential impact on core voters supporting Trump for a second term in the White House.

Key Points:

  1. Regret over Hasty Decision:

    • Trump voiced regret for hastily getting involved in the flavor ban proposal and acknowledged that he should have taken a step back and left the matter to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for a more thorough evaluation.
  2. Concerns for Core Voters:

    • Advisers informed Trump that the proposed flavour ban would negatively affect a significant portion of his core voters. This realization led to a reconsideration of the support for the ban.
  3. Lashing Out at Health and Human Services Secretary:

    • During the call, Trump criticized Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar over decisions related to the flavoured e-liquid ban. The President seemed displeased with the potential consequences of the proposed policy.
  4. Continued Support for Youth Protection:

    • While expressing regret over his involvement, Trump did not completely change his stance on the issue. He emphasized the need for effective policies to protect American youth, especially given the rising trend of vaping among the younger population.
  5. Impact on Businesses:

    • The negative information and uncertainty surrounding the proposed ban have already had a significant impact on the global vape market, with reported sales declines of up to 40% in some regions. Many businesses have suffered due to the uncertainty generated by the proposed ban.
  6.'s Response:

    • welcomes the positive news from the USA and continues to provide safe e-liquids sourced from trusted suppliers who meet all necessary testing, regulatory obligations, and toxicology standards. The platform emphasizes consumer rights and choice in selecting vaping products.
  7. Illegal THC Cartridges and Vaping-Related Deaths:

    • Reports indicate that the scare around vaping-related deaths in the USA may have been linked to illegal THC cartridges containing harmful substances. Legal e-liquids have not been associated with any reported vaping-related deaths.

In conclusion, while Trump expressed regret over his involvement in the proposed flavour ban, the broader impact on businesses and the vaping industry remains a significant concern. The call for effective policies to protect youth while preserving consumer choice continues to be a complex issue that requires careful consideration and collaboration between policymakers and the vaping community.

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