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Are you interested in being greener and switching from disposable vapes to Pod vapes? The article below gives you a guide on the pros and cons of switching from a disposable vape to regular use of a pod vape kit.

What are disposable vapes?

Disposable vape kits are portable and easy to use. They come pre-filled with 2ml 10mg/20mg nicotine salt flavor’s with a set puff count, you don’t need to refill a disposable and once the puff count has been reached the vape is redundant. Each disposable vape is fitted with a built-in battery which lasts for the entire lifecycle of the disposable vape. 

Disposable vapes are great for new users who are just starting to vape and allow the user to work out which flavours they prefer before committing to larger, non-disposable devices. While disposable vapes are very convenient, they’re not the most cost-effective long term or eco-friendly option, which is why you should try to opt for pod kits once you feel you are ready. 

What are pod kits?

Pod kits are lightweight, extremely simple to operate and they provide an experience similar to smoking cigarettes and similar to disposable vapes.

Pod Kits are widely considered to be the best option for people who have just quit smoking or people who are looking to commit to a long term device which is more environmentally friendly.

Pod kits come with  detachable pods which hold your flavor of choices in place until you are ready to use the device; the inbuilt coil heats and vaporizes the eliquid. A vast array of pod kits now come with pre-filled pods. Many pods come with high nicotine content e liquids, this is another big plus for people are the recommended go to for people who have just made the switch from smoking to vaping. Most pod devices offer a tighter draw and a better throat hit then your normal disposables , which will help to keep those cravings for cigarettes down.

There are two types of pod vape kits, closed and open. Open pods allow you to click the pod into place, you can refill open pods with the eliquid of your choice. Closed pod kit comes with pre-filled pods once one pod is depleted you click the next pod into place. Closed pod kits are really straightforward and easy to use.

Which One Is Best For You?

Generally if you have recently switched from smoking cigarettes your previous habits will give you a good guide to the pod system that is right for you.

Closed pod systems come pre-filled, they generally have high dose nicotine salt e-liquid. If you were a heavy cigarette smoker before making the change, closed kits would probably be best for you. Closed kits give an extremely quick nicotine hit with great flavour and a fairly mild throat hit. Once a pod is depleted you remove the pod and replace it with a fresh pod.

Open pod kits give you the flexibility to put just about any liquid in them. They’re more suited to higher PG liquids which gives you a stronger throat hit and more flavour. The nicotine strength can also be changed easily with an open kit. 

You will find the strengths more limited with closed pods. The open system gives you the flexibility, thus allowing you to reduce your nicotine content over time. You can start at 18mg and work you way down to 12mg, the choice is yours with an open pod kit. This. If you like the sounds of an open pod kit but were previously a heavy smoker, open pod kits are still a viable option, you have the flexibility to fill them up with nic salt e-liquid instead. 

What Are The Benefits Of Pod Kits

As mentioned previously in this article pod kits are great for people making the transition from smoking to vaping. Typically, during normal use of  a pod kit, you inhale with a mouth to lung draw, this means you draw some vapour into your mouth then down into your lungs just like a conventional cigarette. 

  •  Pod Kits allow simple refilling and are more leak resistant than pen vapes or mods. To change a liquid in a closed pod kit is a simple exercise, remove the empty pod and pop in a new one, it’s that simple. Changing the liquid in an open pod kit is also a simple exercise: just pop the bung out of the pod and top it up. The simple nature means less leaks allowing for safe storage and transportation of liquid without worrying about leaks.
  • Discreet and Ease Of Use. Due to the higher PG levels found in open pod and closed pod kits and a higher Ohm coil, due to the lack of vapour cloud produced by the devices they allow for discreet vaping if required.
  • Lifespan. Vaping technology has improved in all areas as well as battery technology improving all the time. Even small devices now contain larger batteries reducing the need to charge on a regular basis and reduce the stress caused by battery anxiety. 
  • Built in Coils. The coil is contained within the device itself. When the coil stops producing vapour, it’s time for a new pod. The pod choice also allows you to switch to a different flavour. 
  • Easy to use. Pod kits generally have a single button to switch on or off. Some even have a manual draw design, this means that the vape can sense airflow and will activate when you inhale from the mouthpiece.
  • Affordable and green . After the initial cost of buying a pod vape kit which in itself is still very low, maintenance costs are low, purchasing new e-liquid and pods now and again are the only upkeep required and the lack of disposable parts make this a good green alternative to disposable vapes.
  • Consistent. Pods give you a steady wattage output giving you the same experience with every puff taken. Even with an open pod system, as long as you’re using the right PG level liquid they’re super reliable and deliver the same hit every time.
  • Great for people changing from smoking to vaping. Pod Kits are an ideal option for people converting from smoking cigarettes,  they deliver a quick nicotine fix.
  • Portable. Easily portable, allowing them to slip into your pocket without any noticeable bump or lump. The leak free nature of the kits also means that you don’t have to worry about unexpected pocket leaks wasting your liquid and spoiling your day.

If you are considering switching from disposables or switching from smoking to vaping pod kits, open or closed would be a great option for you. With their green credentials and ease of use pod kits are the future and something that you should seriously consider. Check out our range of open and closed pod kits and our range flavours.

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