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We have another review for you today, and this time it will be on the Tropix Doozy Vape Shortfill Range. Doozy Vape Co is a British E liquid Manufacturer based in Yorkshire that was formed in 2015. All their E Liquids are made with some of the best features when it comes to vaping, great flavours, good quality ingredients and let’s face it, the packaging looks great too. 

All of the Doozy Vape Tropix in this range are 50ml shortfills, for those who aren’t familiar with this term, shortfills are TPD compliant E Liquids that contain 0mg of nicotine but within the bottle there is space to add nicotine. With these flavours you have 50ml of E Liquid in 60ml bottles, adding just one 18mg nicotine shot will turn it into a 3mg. They also all come in a 70/30 pg/vg, which makes these great for Sub-Ohm vaping. 

As you can probably guess from the name Tropix, these flavours are all going to be tropical flavoured E Liquids. I’m expecting some incredible mouth watering, fruity flavours with this range. So let’s have a look at these five inciting flavours.

Doozy Vape - FIJI E Liquid

‘’A stunning combination of crisp fuji apple, sweet melon, and a hint of cucumber on the exhale’’


Fiji is a group of volcanic islands in the South Pacific Ocean, with more than 300 islands to visit. It is known to be one of the most beautiful places in the world. As Doozy has created this range of Tropical E Liquids, it would be a sin to not name one of their flavours after the Republic of Fiji.

What’s interesting with Fiji is many vape shops have one of the listed flavours as being melon, the fruit is called a Cucamelon. I’ve never heard of a Cucamelon before so I did a lot of research. Cucamelons are also known as Mexican sours and they are a cucumber- melon hybrid and are unbelievably tiny for a melon, they’re roughly the same size as a grape. They don’t taste similar to other melons, they instead taste like a lime soaked cucumber. My mouth is watering just thinking of this fruit, time to give it a try.

On the inhale you can really taste the fresh green apple in this, it’s sharp and sour as if you were eating a real apple like a Granny Smith. 

On the exhale is when you really taste the cool refreshing flavour of the cucamelon, it reminded me of a cold glass of cucumber water. Even when smelling your juice you can pick up on cucumbers and apples. 

I think Fiji is a great juice, it’s cool, refreshing and I love the sweet sourness of it.

Doozy Vape - HAWAII E Liquid

‘’A tantalising mix of juicy huckleberries, blue raspberries, and a touch of glacier aniseed’’


Hawaii brings us a berry e juice with a bit of aniseed, as I’ve previously said, I’m a big fan of aniseed so I was looking forward to trying this one. For those who may not know, anise is one of the flavour notes given to Heisenberg/ Heisenberry E Liquids. Aniseed has a sweet, fragrant aroma with a strong, liquorice-like taste. I’m also looking forward to tasting the Huckleberries as it’s not a widely used fruit flavour but it has a great flavour. Huckleberries originate in America, and are the state fruit of Idaho.

The overall flavour is pretty sweet throughout, it’s got a good strong raspberry flavour which I like. The huckleberry isn’t as strong as I was expecting, Huckleberries tend to taste like a sour blueberry and personally I think this could be increased but it still works well.

The aniseed has a cooling effect on it and you can appreciate it with the aftertaste. The juice tends to smell more like Aniseed with hints of berries.

It’s a good flavour, I probably wouldn’t have this as an all day vape but it is a safe choice if you like fruity e liquids with a cooling effect. 

Doozy Vape - RIO E Liquid

‘’An Exotic Fusion of Juicy Mangosteen, Slices of Guava, and a blast of Icy Citrus’’



I think I’m going to enjoy this juice. One of my favourite fruits is guava, I remember first discovering the taste of guava in the drink ‘snapple’ which I picked up one day when I was hung over and needed a fruity kick. Guava is like a mix between pears and strawberries, so it’s sweet and juicy.

I actually thought this was mixed with mango but no, the fruit is a mangosteen which I’ve never heard of and apparently a mangosteen is not related to a mango, so what is it? Well with a bit of google searching I have the answer. 

The mangosteen belongs to the Garcinia genus whereas the mango is part of the genus Mangifera. Mangosteens are small, dark purple with a green cap and they have a white flesh inside, sort of like citrus. The flavour of a mangosteen is very different to a mango too, it’s a cross between bananas, lychees, pears and peaches all topped off with a strong citrus note. I think a Mangosteen E Liquid on it’s own would be amazing so let’s see how Rio tastes when vaping.

WOW! This juice is mega fruity. As I’ve never tried a mangosteen before, I can’t tell you whether  the juice tastes like one but I can say it is delicious. When inhaling your taste buds are hit with rich juicy flavours, it’s a beautiful blend of all these different fruity flavours. 

Although some of the flavours are rich it levels out and you can taste the sweetness of the guava and it’s so mouth watering. On the exhale you get a cooling citrus taste as well which I really like. 

I’m giving this one a massive thumbs up, if you love tropical flavoured E Liquids then you’re going to love this one. I can imagine sitting back on a sandy beach vaping this in the sun. 10 out of 10 for RIO!

Doozy Vape - MALIBU E Liquid

‘’Malibu is a mouth watering combination of tangerine, grenadine, and a twist of banana topped with crushed ice’’


Here we have a cocktail E Liquid from Doozy Vape, the flavours in this sound like they would be good in a cocktail but I do have to tell you, I am not a massive fan of bananas. So this may not be the best flavours for me but let’s see how it goes.

As soon as you open the bottle you can instantly smell the banana, the banana taste is odd in this one, it’s a mixture of both ripe banana and the artificial banana candies. Although I don’t like bananas, I don’t mind the foam banana candy sweets so that’s helped this flavour out a little bit.

The grenadine is found throughout the vape, it's a rich red fruit taste just like the type you would put in a cocktail. What I did like was how to tangerine notes blended with both the banana and the grenadine.

On the exhale you do get a hit of the crushed ice, the ice feels as though it waters down the tangerine flavour too which is a nice touch as it does give you the feeling of sipping on the last bit of a cocktail.

It’s not my favourite from this range but that’s probably due to the banana. I’m sure anyone who does like bananas would appreciate this more.

Doozy Vape - TAHITI E Liquid

‘’A tangy blend of maracuya (passion fruit), ruby grapefruit, and green lemon juice. Finished off with a refreshing sharp citrus fizz’’


Tahiti is the largest island in French Polynesia and it hosts Natural vegetation such as coconut palms, pandanus, hibiscus, and tropical fruit trees. The flavours once again sound great for Tahiti and as the last one I’m wondering if this will be as good as the other flavours.

So this is a pretty cold vape, the grapefruit definitely dominates this juice, the passion fruit is nearly as strong as the grapefruit, it’s quite tart and bitter but it fits in well with the other flavours.  

Towards the end of the vape you get the real citrus flavour from it, lemon and lime at the end is a good touch for this one. The fizz is interesting in this, it’s not a soda fizz but more like a lemon sherbet fizz which I love.

Final Thoughts

So there we have the Tropix range from Doozy Vape Co, overall I think it’s a great tropical fruits range. Malibu was my least favourite but I put that solely down to my dislike of bananas.

There’s some great flavours here and I like that they have mixed it up with some rarely used fruit flavours. I think a lot of time and effort from the Doozy Vapes Research and Development team has gone into creating these flavours. I’m also now going to be on the lookout for a cucamelon so I can see whether the real thing tastes just as good as the E Liquid.

There’s plenty of fruity e liquids in the market but these stand out. If I had to pick one I would have to say Fiji and Rio were my favourites from this range. 

Doozy vape also has a nicsalt range which I will be looking at reviewing shortly so stay tuned and don’t forget to come back to read that one. Let us know your thoughts below.

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