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Paypal Banning Vape Transactions?

If you've made a purchase from any Vape company recently you may have noticed that there's no longer an option to pay via Paypal. This is going to be an annoyance to a lot of customers who prefer to pay via Paypal, however vaping companies unfortunately haven't been given an option. Unfortunately, there has been no reason given by Paypal, but they are currently in the process of freezing company Paypal accounts associated with Vaping. 


What's Happening?

Recently there has been many E Liquid & vaping companies having a rather big problem with Paypal, although they are still able to receive money into their account, Paypal has blocked companies from accessing their money. This isn't exactly a brand new issue, there have been problems since 2009 where some accounts have been blocked, suspended or completely banned. It's been within the past month though that many companies have been forced to remove the Paypal option from their site. This has impacted over 50 online UK vape shops now, and the list of affected companies is still increasing. This currently hasn't taken effect on Jumponthevape.

Many companies have been left incredibly frustrated with this issue as they haven't been able to access their funds, this has meant companies have been unable to purchase stock, pay for shipping, even refunding customers if there's been a problem. Some companies affected only have Paypal as an option which means that they have completely come to a standstill. Unfortunately, it's not been easy to get to the bottom of it either, companies have not been advised as to why this has happened, and have contacted Paypal and many are still waiting on a reply.


Paypal the Faceless Coorporate? 

Trying to find information about this from Paypal is impossible. They are not warning anyone, or sending out communication. Small UK businesses have had their accounts locked with thousands of pounds frozen, without being able to withdraw. There has even been comments made about companies that may not even be able to access their funds for up to 180 days. Imagine if your bank froze your accounts which meant you couldn't spend your hard-earned money to pay for rent, bills and food, frankly we find it disgusting what Paypal are doing.

It's been a difficult year as local vape stores have been forced to close during the Covid 19 Pandemic, and now online vape stores are unable to use Paypal. Is this a way to damage the vaping scene? 

Like with most companies during the pandemic, Paypal is facing delays with responding to their customers, however if something as big as blocking mass accounts is happening then you would expect that Paypal would of communicated this clearly. Hopefully, we will find out more within the coming weeks

Paypal at

As we stated earlier in this email, Jumponthevape is currently un-effected, and we continue to offer Paypal as an option to purchase your vape goods from us. We will keep you updated on this blog, if and when this changes in the near future.

If you have any questions, please don't hesistate to get in contact with us via email.  

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